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We meet once per month in London and also play regular events online. The goal is to meet like minded people and also raise money for charity.

International Master, Malcolm Pein vs Media Chess Club

On October 25th we are very fortunate to be joined by Chess International Master, author, organiser, journalist and hopefully a cheese fan, Malcolm Pein. Malcolm will give a talk on the recent chess scandals and also tell us about some of the brilliant work he does with Chess in Schools and Communities. The charity aligns perfectly with our goals and it will be great to hear how Media Chess Club members might be able to get more involved.

Get studying, because he has also thrown down a challenge to play us all simultaneously and perhaps have a few games of Blitz too.

Here's a puzzle he's set for us to get warmed up: White to play and mate in 12 moves 😵

There will also be a extra special silent auction for signed boards, raising money for the charity. Exact details will be announced before the event for those who are interested or want to place bids if they cannot make it in person. Let's just say, you probably couldn't think of two bigger names in chess at the moment and it's going to be "Magnusificent". The sale amount won't be published publicly or sent to your spouse...

Massive thank you to Mobsta and long standing Club Member, Matt Longley for being sponsors this time. Once again we will have a ridiculous cheese spread and a few drinks on entrance.

Come along to meet other Chessy folk working in media, enjoy a few games, cheese and a tipple.

Please get your tickets early so we can confirm numbers and get sets sorted, limited to x30 in total due to venue size. Ticket price goes towards new boards as we grow numbers and tournament prizes etc. £12.50.

Tickets available here



Download app on your phone and then join our club to be invited to the next tournament or event
Then join our club
You will be invited to online events and and in-person meet ups

1st Rule of Media Chess Club:

2nd Rule of Chess Club
Join to network with media professionals.

3rd Rule of Chess Club:
All levels welcome, standard very mixed, everyone has a chance at a prize on group knockout play.
It's fun for beginners and experts alike.

It's a thinly veiled way to play for prizes and raise money for charity.
Media Chess club logo white vector.png
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