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We meet once per month in London and also play regular events online. The goal is to meet like minded people and also raise money for charity.

Media Chess Club Launches Football Style Leagues

The club has been growing at a good rate in recent months, we wanted to create something in between long tournaments for new and old players to keep their skills fresh online.

We have launched two new leagues of 12 players based on the English Football League system, with a slight dramatic twist; 6 get promoted and 6 get relegated.

x12 Players are now signed up and playing in the Premier League (First prize is a branded mug and a cheap Magnum of Fizz).

x12 Players are about to start in the Championship.

We may add a third league (Or League 1 to be confusing) if there is demand for it. Let me know if you have missed out and are interested.

The top 6 players in the Championship will be invited to the next Premier League.

The bottom 6 will be relegated to the Championship. Season 2 will then begin in a few months time.

The leagues are a lot of games but designed to be less time consuming and allow up to 3 days per move, plus the option to take vacation breaks.

We estimate the league will take around 1 month or so to play out.


  • 12 players

  • 11 live games at once

  • 22 games in total - Play everyone as Black/White

  • 3 days per move, vacation mode allowed (based on what you build up like holiday pay in the app, but please don’t take over 2 weeks and hold up the result).

  • Top half of Premier League are safe, one winner.

  • Bottom 6 relegated.

  • Top half/ 6 of Championship invited to next Premier League

  • Bottom 6 of Championship either play again or relegated if third league starts

  • There will be a break/ off season of a month or so between seasons to allow time to do…. work or walk dogs, etc.

It’s a great way to test your chessy skills but also play club members you may not meet in tournaments often.

Traditional knock out tournaments will continue (FA Cup if you like…) The next one is not planned until Autumn 2022.





Download app on your phone and then join our club to be invited to the next tournament or event
Then join our club
You will be invited to online events and and in-person meet ups

1st Rule of Media Chess Club:

2nd Rule of Chess Club
Join to network with media professionals.

3rd Rule of Chess Club:
All levels welcome, standard very mixed, everyone has a chance at a prize on group knockout play.
It's fun for beginners and experts alike.

It's a thinly veiled way to play for prizes and raise money for charity.
Media Chess club logo white vector.png
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